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Value Added Tax (VAT)

If you’re into business, you must be familiar with the complexities of VAT. It requires understanding of different rules and regulations especially when you are running operations globally.... It’s not only time-consuming but also requires adequate knowledge. And any human errors or delays can impact your overall business. So, instead of taking this burden on you, why not seek help from the experienced professionals or outsource your VAT management completely to outperform your growth and revenue.

Business Consultancy

Sometimes stucking in the midst of your business can make you scratch your head. You might wonder here and there but not finding the right advice can take you back foot. A forward ... thinking approach is to take help from experts who can add to your business by developing custom plans and strategies for you. So, if you’re looking to hear from consultants on business plans, corporate structuring, investment advice or local and international tax planning, our expert’s advice can be a great push for you.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is easy but time-consuming, isn’t it? So, why should you waste your time in the tedious processes when we are here to do it for you. With the help of Chartered Certified... Accountants and Accounting Softwares like Quickbooks, Lexoffice, Lexware, MYOB, Xero, and Wave we bring you ahead of your business. Whether it’s for individuals, business or enterprise, our bookkeeping services will drive value and growth to your business.

Accounting for Everyone

Small Businesses & Startups

Not sure what is the right way to grow your small business? That’s okay. We can help you cut down the complications of the numbers and create a smooth way to your finances that will also align with your business mission, vision, rules, and regulations.


Effective accounting, bookkeeping and VAT services have become the need of every business, small or big. That’s why even enterprises continuously seek to enhance their financial operations. Our tailored accounting solutions can help you with a wide range of problems and deliver actionable insights.


It’s a misconception that entrepreneurs can do everything on their own. They require help in every stage of business especially in tax preparation, financial accounting, and revenue accounting. It is not only time-savvy but can also drain you to the end. But not to worry as we are here to do the job for you.

Ecommerce and Online Sellers

We have more than 6 years of professional experience in providing accounting and tax compliance services to online businesses selling through own website or via online marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

Our Company

We started small as a solution-provider for accounting problems. Gradually with time we started expanding our operations globally especially in Germany, UAE and Australia. Now, we have a strong presence when it comes to providing advanced accounting solutions at a competitive service fee. Our strength lies in giving tailored solutions, understanding businesses to the core and making them grow in numbers in compliance with their mission and vision.
Our Values
We strive to make long-term business relationships while taking care of their finances and providing comprehensive solutions. We always stick to our core values which are:
  • OBJECTIVITY : Respect, equality and justice comes first for us. We do not favor anyone or take any influence for professional decisions.
  • INTEGRITY : By being dedicated to the customer and staying true to the commitments, we work on delivering value to our clients.
  • PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE : We have Chartered Certified Accountants who maintain professional etiquettes, deliver required work, share knowledge and skills to ensure that our clients receive competitive services.

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ACCOUNTING AND BOOKKEEPING – Prices depends on number of transactions and business volume.

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Prices depends on number of transactions and business volumn

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Being in business and stucking in the finances can take your job a long way. You don’t know but you will end up giving your whole time updating books, delving into cash flows or preparing tax sheets. This can take your energy and make you compromise on the business operations you seek to improve. So, instead of doing accounting on your own, taking help from professionals or outsourcing can save your time and lead you to success in a shorter time than expected.

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  • Safe Accountants has been a great help in managing my income and expenses. Working with them for the last few months and I must say they have made my accounting manageable.
  • John Doe
    Step by step, they helped me grow my financial operations. I wasn’t able to handle everything and was going wrong in certain areas. I’m glad I found them. Now my business is in a much better condition.
    John Doe
  • Tom Johnson
    Their professionalism in personal taxation and accounting is very much appreciated. I liked the fact that they provide helpful assistance wherever required.
    Tom Johnson
  • John Pen
    I’m satisfied with Safe Accountants. They were always able to reply promptly to my queries regarding tax. I will definitely continue their services in the future.
    John Pen
    Coral Reef

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